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8 Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

As a senior, getting a dog is a great idea. They make excellent and loyal companions, and walking them helps you get exercise every day.

You’ll want to find the best breed for you, and that will depend largely on your personality, but there are certain breeds that are best for seniors. Here are some breeds that you’ll want to consider when you start looking into getting a dog.

General Breed Requirements

Overall, the best dogs for seniors are those that have moderate energy levels, and are smaller on average. That’s because many seniors will have downsized to smaller homes or have moved to retirement communities, and won’t have space for a larger dog. A larger dog, or a herding dog, is also a trip hazard if they nudge you or try to herd you.

French Bulldog

 French bulldogs are happy, cheerful dogs and often make the room brighter when they’re in it. It’s no wonder that a lot of senior citizens have decided to adopt them in their golden years. They are quite compact and muscular, but they only tend to max out at around 28 pounds. As such, they’re still very manageable.

You will find that Frenchies do have a lot of energy, but they don’t have endurance. As such, moderate exercise should be enough to keep them happy. As they’re a short haired breed, they don’t have much in the way of grooming needs either. However, you do want to keep an eye on them as they are susceptible to several skin conditions.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi is perfect for those that want a more active dog that’s still small enough to manage. “A Corgi is a herding dog by nature, so you will need to exercise them regularly” says Shannon Powell, a pets writer at Via Writing and Writing Populist. “They are a lot of fun to take on walks, and they’ll be sure to help you start conversations with others.”

You don’t have to worry about them being too much for you, even as a herding dog, as they only weigh around 24 to 30 pounds on average. They’re smart dogs and easy to train too, so you can spend a lot of time with them teaching them all kinds of exciting tricks.

West Highland White Terrier

If you want a dog that’s small but still quite hardy, then a West Highland White Terrier is for you. They typically weigh in at 13 to 20 pounds, making them very easy to handle. They will need some grooming to keep their cost in good shape, but not as much as other breeds.

Westies are typically quite friendly, so they’re great for people who want a more personable dog. They’re all round quite low maintenance, so if you want a breed that’s easy to care for, this is the one for you.


Are you looking to get a dog because you want company? Then a pug is just what you want. They’re a very loving breed, and like nothing more than to sit in your lap, and give you kisses if you’re willing. They very much match their owners’ energy levels, so they’re a great match for a lot of seniors.

If you do get a pug, be aware that they are prone to overeating. They’ll keep going for as long as you give them food, so it’s very easy for them to become overweight. If that happens, they’ll often develop health problems. You’ll need to be able to resist overfeeding them, even if they do give you the puppy dog eyes.


Poodles are great dogs for seniors as there are three different kinds: toy poodles, miniature poodle, and standard poodles. They’re all very loyal and affectionate, which makes them great companions. They’re fast learners too, and can adapt to any kind of household.

The only thing you need to know about poodles is that they need professional grooming, typically once a month. Other than that though, they are easy to care for.   Also check out Poodle puppies for sale in Bangalore


This is the dog breed for you if you want a larger dog, but are worried about caring for one. Many think that greyhounds are speedy and energetic dogs as they’re used for racing, but that isn’t the case at all. They’re really coach potatoes, and love nothing more than lounging around with you.

They do need to be walked daily, and do like a chance to run, but other than that they’re surprisingly easy to care for. If you want a larger dog, a greyhound is for you.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

 These are another breed of dog that are great if you want an affectionate pet. “A spaniel will love nothing more than snuggling up with you” says Andrew Fields, a pet behaviour specialist at Academ Advisor and Rated Writing. “If you want a dog mainly for company, they will fit the bill.”

They weigh in at about 11 to 18 pounds, and are usually quite easy to train. They have some grooming needs, such as brushing, ear cleaning, and so on. If you’re happy to take those needs on, a spaniel will be a great pet for you.


Are you looking for a tiny dog? Then Pomeranians will fit the bill, as they only weigh around 3 to 7 pounds overall. They are dogs that love companionship over all else, and will want to relax in your lap when you’re not playing with toys.

As they’re so tiny, they’re very easy to take care of. You can even carry them in your bag, if that’s something you’d like to do. As the smallest dog on this list, they will be simple to handle.

These are some of the best dog breeds out there if you want to get a companion. All of these breeds will give you the affection you’re looking for, as well as the chance to get out and get some exercise. Pick one of these breeds and you’ll be able to get the perfect furry friend for you.

Sara Sparrow is a writer for Australian Reviewer and Best essay services, where she covers pets and pet care. She also writes for several other sites and publications, such as Top essay writing services.

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