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6 Significant Signs That Your Golden Retriever Is Unhealthy

The pet that was once a stranger becomes the most loved member of the family. It is actually difficult to explain how and when our equations with these creatures change.

A Golden Retriever is a beautiful British breed of dog that is famous worldwide for its amazing golden coat and loyalty. If you are interested in buying a golden retriever, then you must visit goldenretrievernews.com.

If you own a Golden Retriever, you must keep a check on its health. Six significant signs that can identify if your Golden Retriever is unhealthy are mentioned below. Knowing them can help you to tackle the problem if, God Forbid, your pet becomes unhealthy.

Disturbed Eating Habits

If you notice any change in the eating pattern of your retriever, and if it lasts for more than two days, then there are high chances that something is wrong with your little pal. Take it to the vet if it is skipping the meals for more than two days.

Too Thirsty

As we know, excess of anything isn’t good. So, if you see your dog consuming more water than usual, then it could be an alarming sign for you. Dogs respond to dry throat or bad mouth taste by drinking water at regular intervals. It is mostly caused by some issues with the stomach or the liver, which should be consulted with a vet.

Dull Coat

The coat of the golden retriever must be shiny and thick, but if it’s getting dull and dry despite being scrubbed with soap, then something is definitely wrong with the pet. If the coat is getting dull or there is excessive hair loss, it could be a clear sign of a health issue with your pet, and it should be taken to the doctor. One thing that must be kept in mind is that dogs shed hair in summer, but a dull coat and hair falling in patches is a sign of illness.


Since the dogs like to take a bite of anything they see, occasional vomiting is not something to worry about. But if the frequency increases, it should raise the alarm bells for you. Vomiting is usually followed by a loss of appetite, and your dog might even start ignoring its favorite treats as well.


A Golden Retriever is a highly active and playful dog. It loves to run around, jump, show its excitement to the owners, and much more. If you ever see your dog tired and unwilling to play, which could be the biggest and easiest sign you can spot. There is nothing that can keep a Golden Retriever dull and tired apart from health issues.

Excessive Weight Loss

Lastly, if you see your dog losing weight and the bones are becoming prominent, it could either be because of excessive exercise, lack of food or some serious digestion issues, which should be consulted with a vet.

If you observe the above-mentioned signs and symptoms in your pet, then take it immediately to the vet. None of us would like to see our pet in a painful condition. As these creatures are unable to explain what’s happening to them, therefore, we must remain extra conscious and take them to the vet for regular check-ups.

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