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5 Ways To Stop a Puppy From Biting

For a pet owner, there is nothing more comforting than playing with the puppy. Every pet owner wants to spend most of his time in the company of his puppy. But like every other animal, puppies too behave unusually sometimes. They may even start biting people. This may be a result of separation anxiety or any other illness.

There is playful biting but then aggressive behavior also leads to such actions. So in this article, we’d tell you how you can stop your puppy from biting and in if bitten how you can reach out to Phoenix animal hospital.

Here are some proven tips that you can follow to stop your adorable pet from biting.

Restrain its Biting

This is the most effective way of stopping your puppy from biting. Every time your pup bites you, you should inhibit it. For puppies, biting playfully is quite normal and they have no idea how hard they bite. Whenever your sweet pup attacks your hand to bite, make sure to make them understand that this is not allowed. A yelp is also appropriate as it will shock the puppy and it will immediately let go.

One thing to bear in mind is to never pull your hand out of the puppy’s mouth. This will offend it, and you’d ultimately activate its chase instinct. When your hand is released, ignore the puppy for 20 to 25 seconds. If you’re not comfortable with making the yelping sound, you can use other verbal deterrents to discourage the puppy. Dogs are very smart and they understand what is allowed and what is not if told them so.

Redirect Your Puppy

Another way of stopping your puppy from biting is to give it something else to bite on. This is when chewy toys come in handy. These toys are easily available in the market. Every time your puppy tries to bite you, redirect it to a chewy toy that it can chew on instead. This will satisfy your puppy as its urge to bite would be fulfilled. The good thing is that these toys are made of rubber, so your puppy can chew on them for a long time.

Deterrent Products

There is a myriad of deterrent products available in the market, such as no chew spray, bitter apples, and other fruits. These products have a very unpleasant taste. This is like teaching your puppy through a punishment that doesn’t hurt but gives the lesson.

Stop Playing For a While

Teach your puppy that it won’t get anything if it keeps biting you. Stop playing with it for some time. You can turn around and ignore your puppy for several minutes.

Put Your Puppy to a Crate

Putting your puppy in a large wire dog crate is also a good idea as it would calm it down. It may seem rude, but if your puppy keeps biting you, you can follow this tip as a last resort. This will also teach it that it did something wrong and is in time-out, just like how you teach your children.

It is all about teaching your puppy its boundaries. What you think is not acceptable, you need to convey it to it in a language that it understands.

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