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5 Ways to Eliminate Worms in Dogs

Are you a pet lover? Do you have a pet dog? Are you tired of those nasty, squishy creatures in the stomach of your dog? Don’t fret; we have a solution for you.

Dogs play outside and eat anything and everything. As a result, they end up with worms in their stomach. These worms are not only gross but are really harmful to the health of your little friend. Thus, you need to find a solution to clear off these worms from their body.

It is better to use some natural remedies for this purpose as chemicals can be harmful to your dog in the long run. Deworming medicines have loads of side effects and are not good for their body. Thus, natural remedies will help you out in eliminating the worms from their body and boosting their immune system. This will prepare them to fight off these worms in the future if they attack their body. In addition to this, these home remedies for worms in dogs won’t cost you a bomb. They are all free to use.


Kefir is basically a food item made out of the first milk f a goat or a cow. Stay away from cow’s milk as it is a pure dairy product and worms feed on dairy product protein. You can also use coconut milk for this purpose. Give one to two tablespoons of kefir every day.

Fermented carrots

Fermented carrots contain s probiotics that are good for the health of the dogs. All you need to do is clean up some carrots and put them in water for some time. In a separate jar, prepare a concoction of water and salt and then mix it up with the carrots. Close the jar with an airtight lid and then store it for some 2-3 days. The carrots will be fermented and this can be seen from the texture of carrots. Then you can feed 1-3 tablespoons to your dog daily.

Pumpkin seeds

These green pumpkin seeds are loaded with enzymes that help in eliminating the worms and strengthening the immunity system of dogs. They are good for humans as well. But, when you are feeding the pumpkin seeds to the dog, you need to proportionate it according to their body weight. Take pumpkin seeds and soak them for the night. Then grind them. Feed 1/4th tablespoon of this mixture to your dog every day, if it is a 10lbs dog.

Coconut Oil

Feed one tablespoon of coconut oil every day to your dog. It is also help in curing the ear mites in dogs Coconut oil is good for eliminating roundworms from the intestines of your dog. It so happens, that these roundworms clutched on to each other and they form lumps. So coconut oil will help in reducing the stickiness and eliminating them from the stomach.

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Papaya is one of the great home remedies for worms in dogs. The enzyme papain found in the papaya helps in eliminating these intestinal worms. Papaya is of anti-amoebic nature. What you can do is take papaya seeds, grind them and feed them to your dog along with their meal. You can give 2 tablespoons to a dog weighing 7lbs. Further, you can even feed them the chunks of papaya. Continue this process for consecutive 7 days.

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