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5 Tips to Make Your Rescue Dog Feel at Home

Did you just adopt a rescue dog and are looking forward to providing them with a loving forever home?

Here are five tips to make your rescue dog feel at home.

Be Patient with Them

Many new dog owners often look forward to seeing how their life will look like with a puppy. However, adopting a rescue dog is a different story due to the conditions because of which it was rescued. Therefore, the first rule to follow is to be patient and give your new pet some time to settle in and acclimatize to its new environment.

When you bring a rescue dog home, you must understand that you’re strangers to one another. Therefore, take your time to understand your dog’s personality, temperament, comfort levels, fears, etc. Your patience in understanding your dog will play a critical role in helping you size them up before becoming best friends.

Make Proper Introductions

A crucial step to making your rescue puppy feel at home is familiarizing them with everyone at home—including other pets. Take your time to introduce every individual so that the dog isn’t skeptical or fearful of strangers.

In fact, introducing your new dog to family members and frequent house guests is the first step in improving your dog’s socialization skills. It’ll also help you determine how your doggo reacts to social interactions, giving you a chance to reevaluate the list of things you need to teach them.

Keep up with this practice every day until you feel that the dog is becoming more comfortable, doesn’t get anxious in their presence, and can identify them as family members or friends.

Begin Training Them

Rescue dogs come from various environments. While some dogs are trained by past owners, many rescue dogs have sad, traumatic stories where their previous owners abandoned them. Therefore, your next step should be to patiently train them.

If you’re unsure where to start, watch some puppy training videos or seek assistance from a dog behavior specialist who helps dogs with special needs.

Start with crate training, teach them to sit, call them by their name for a prompt response, and potty training. The key is to remain patient at all times and use different methods to see which one works the best for your doggo.

Look Out for Signs of Concern

Unlike newborn puppies and other dogs, rescue dogs often have a dark past. While adopting these dogs is a significant step in providing them with a happier life, keep in mind that their past circumstances might still affect their behavior and personality.

Many rescue dogs often show concerning behavioral patterns that worsen over time if not dealt with adequately. Some of these signs include hard stares, panting, tail between the legs, or continual barking.

Hard stares indicate aggression or anger towards someone or something. Similarly, dogs pant heavily when it’s too hot or when they’re uncomfortable in a certain space. They might put their tail between their legs when introduced to new people, which indicates fear or anxiety.

Seek assistance from a professional to identify such issues and implement effective ways to eliminate problematic behaviors and help make them feel comfortable and safe at your home.

Shower Them with Affection

The best way to make your new furry friend feel happy at home is by showering them with endless love and affection.

Expressing your love is a way of building trust with a new puppy. Buy them gifts and treats and feed them on time.

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About the Author: The author is a professional pet sitter certified by CPPS. She has more than ten years of experience working with rescue dogs and training newborn puppies. Her passions include creating a podcast to unite dog lovers worldwide and using her professional expertise to conduct classes for new dog owners.

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