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4 Tips To Groom A Dog

Dog grooming is basic hygiene care that is necessary for your furry companion. Most dog breeds need regular grooming to avoid mats and tangles. Grooming if for their comfort, health, and well-being.

Grooming is essential for the good health of your dog. A lack of good dog hygiene can lead to bad odors, the invasion of parasites, the formation of gingivitis and/or ear infections. In addition, if you don’t trim the hair around your dog’s eyes, they can have poor vision which results in more stress and anxiety from the environment around them.

You’ll want to get your dog accustomed to grooming from an early age. They will be more obedient to you if they understand what a brush or dog clippers are. It also gives your dog confidence which will cause less anxiety and stress from familiar sights and sounds. Here are our top dog grooming tips. For more tips, check out Care Of My Dog.

Brushing Your Dog

Brushing is arguably the most important step when grooming your dog. It is absolutely necessary to remove dead hair and untangle any knots in your dog’s fur. In the case of long-haired dogs such as the Newfoundland or Border Collie, brushing also removes dander which causes pet allergies. It also removes dead skin and prevents shedding.

If your dog has a non-shedding like the Goldendoodle or Labradoodle, you can use a metal comb to remove the tangled and matted fur. It is important to brush them in all directions of the hair. If you leave a mat on your dog for too long, the hair will actually pull at their skin and irritate them.

For short-haired dogs, you can use a grooming glove or de-shedding rake which removes dead hair and activates the sebaceous glands.  This will result in less shedding and contribute to a more beautiful dog coat. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact your groomer or veterinarian for more advice on grooming your dog.

The are 4 main types of dog brushes:

  • Slicker Brush = Great everyday brush for dogs who don’t shed fur.
  • Brush glove = Removes dead skin from short-haired dogs.
  • De-shedding rakes = Helps remove dead skin.
  • Comb = Removes large knots and matts.

Ear Hair Removal and Cleaning

Dog ear hair can obstruct the ear canal within the ears and cause ear infections. The issue with ear hair is that is creates a moist environment that hosts a plethora of bacteria. You need to remove your dog ear hair either by hand or tweezers. Then you have to apply a cleaning product in your dog’s ear (ask your veterinarian or groomer for advice) to clean it thoroughly. In the case of excess earwax, it should be cleaned with a wipe. We recommend removing the hair from your dog’s ear and cleaning it at least once per month.

Using the Correct Dog Clippers

Since Covid-19, many pet owners have been grooming their dogs at home with limited success. Our recommendation for at-home grooming is to use quiet dog clippers that have limited noise and vibration. This will cause less anxiety and stress when grooming your dog at home. Always make sure to show your dog the clippers prior to grooming so they can smell and see the dog clippers before you use them.

Nail Cutting

The natural wear down of dog nails when you take them for a walk is usually insufficient at keeping their nails short. Therefore, it is necessary to cut your dog’s nails. The two main ways of doing this is either with a grinder or a nail cutter. Either way, most dogs don’t like their nails trimmed so you will have to feed them lots of treats. In addition, start with one paw at a time. It’s unlikely that you will be able to cut all your dogs nails in one grooming session. In addition, trim carefully because you can’t cut too short or you risk injuring your dog by cutting its vein.

Conclusion for 4 Tips To Groom A Dog

At-home grooming has grown in popularity because of Covid-19. If you’re a dog owner, remember our tips to help you groom! First, choose the right brush depending on your dog’s coat type. Second, don’t forget to clean your dog’s ears to prevent ear infections. Third, use the correct dog clippers in order to minimize the anxiety your dog gets. Lastly, trim one dog nail at a time and try your best not to cut their vein!

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