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11 Surprising Types Of Food Dogs Enjoy

Sometimes it seems like there is nothing that dogs would not eat. However, some foods that are usually available to people can be harmful and even deadly to our four-legged friends.

On the other hand, there are also many kinds of foods that are common in our households and that dogs surprisingly enjoy. In many cases, it can become a tasty treat or a nutritious addition to your pet’s daily diet. But remember that you should give your dog only an adequate amount and if you are not sure about anything or are concerned about allergies, contact your vet.

Here is the list of surprising types of food that you can include in your dog’s diet today.

Help Your Dog To Get Fresh On Hot Summer Days With A Fruit Salad

A fruit salad can be an effective form of refreshment on hot summer days. You can include melons and berries, which can be low in calories and filling simultaneously. Can dogs eat pineapple? You can mix in a small amount of pineapple flesh in the salad, and do not give your dog any parts of the fruit that you would not eat yourself. You should also avoid giving your dog grapes as they could cause kidney failure. Remember to limit your dog’s sugar intake and serve fruits only in small amounts.

Boiled Chicken And Brown Rice Can Calm Your Dog’s Stomach

Feeding your dog with meat might not be too surprising. The combination of boiled chicken and brown rice is rich in fiber and can be an easily digestible meal when your pet’s stomach is upset. However, some dogs may suffer from itching and diarrhea after eating poultry. That is why you should start with a small portion of the meat to ensure that the dog can handle it. You should also stay clear of any seasoning besides salt and pepper and ensure that the meat is cooked thoroughly.

Support Your Dog’s Joints And Coat With Green Beans And Salmon

Salmon is a fish rich in nutrients. The high content of Omega 3 and fish oil will support your pet’s coat and joints so they can have an active life for longer. The fish can also help them to fight bacteria that could damage their health. However, feed them only a small amount of the fish as it could easily upset your dog’s stomach. On the other hand, green beans are ideal for dogs that need to lose some weight. They are low in calories but will make your pet feel full at the same time.

Even Dogs Can Have A Healthy Snack In The Form Of Apples With Peanut Butter

Apples with peanut butter are one of the healthier snacks you can give to your dog. Apples can help digestion, clean your pet’s teeth and make their breath fresher. However, apples still contain a lot of sugar, so you should give your dog only a few slices, so you do not cause more harm than good. You should also remember to remove the core and seeds as these can be toxic to your pet. Peanut butter will give your dog nutrients, proteins, and healthy fats, but you should avoid the ones with added sweeteners.

Sweeten Your Pet’s Life With Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

People love eating cookies, but it might be surprising that you can make these treats in a form that will also benefit your dog’s diet. Oats can help your pet’s digestion and are high in fiber. On the other hand, peanut butter will also give your dog many valuable vitamins and is easy to digest. Combine raw rolled oats with peanut butter with no added sugars and bake the mixture until crisp. This way, you will be able to feed your dog a little nutritious treat and brighten up their diet.

Plain Popcorn Can Help To Improve Your Dog’s Bone Health

Popcorn is an excellent addition to any movie night. However, you probably did not know that you could share the treat with your pet. Air-popped popcorn in a small amount could support your dog’s bones due to its magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus content. Be careful to remove any corn that did not pop, as that could become a choking hazard to your pet. You should also remember to feed your dog the popcorn in small amounts and avoid any butter or salt, so you do not upset the pet’s stomach.

Boost Your Dog’s Energy Levels With A Corn On The Cob

Corn can be one of the foods dogs are allergic to. However, corn on the cob can easily become one of their favorite treats if your dog does not suffer from an allergy. As a vegetable rich in carbohydrates, corn on the cob can help dogs boost their energy levels. It can be a valuable source of some vitamins and minerals. On top of that, it often is one of the ingredients in dog food. You should not give your dog more than one or two tablespoons of corn daily. Then, they can take full advantage of all the nutrients.

Replace Chocolate With Carob For A Tasty Treat

It is a well-known fact that chocolate is poisonous to dogs. However, they do not need to miss out on a treat with a similar taste. Carob does not contain any caffeine or theobromine, but you should always read the label of any treats with carob. Some of these treats in pet stores often state sugar as the first or second ingredient, so you should be careful about which ones you will buy. After all, you need to watch your dog’s sugar intake to ensure that they stay healthy and happy.

Help Your Dog To Cool Down In The Heat By Giving Them Ice Cubes

Ice cubes can be one of the cheapest and most effective treats that you can give your dog on hot days. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. If the ice is too hard, there is a risk that your pet’s tooth might get broken. You should take the ice out of the freezer 5 minutes before serving and ensure that you do not use a mold that is too big. Smaller molds will also lessen the risk of choking and will help your dog to enjoy the treat peacefully.

Bananas Can Build Up Your Dog’s Energy

Suppose your dog uses lots of energy by being active and running around. In that case, bananas can be a great way of building up their energy levels. If you take your pet along for a long hike or walk, it can also be a good treat that will keep them going for longer. Bananas are also a rich source of vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients, so such a treat can brighten up your dog’s daily diet. However, remember that they are also high in sugar, so they should not become a part of your pet’s diet. Instead, let them have a little bit of banana as a small treat.

Use Eggs To Make Your Dog’s Diet More Nutritious

Adding a boiled or poached egg to your dog’s regular bowl of food can bring their diet a great amount of protein. Eggs also contain many essential nutrients and vitamins that will be good for your pet. However, it is crucial that you do not give your dog any raw eggs. This way, you would put your pet and yourself at risk of salmonella. If you want to give your dog a bit of fried or scrambled eggs, you should avoid using unhealthy fats and salt.

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