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10 Tricks to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

Dogs have a great life running around outside and being kids, but there are times you might want to keep your dog inside. Maybe they need a little break from the heat, or you don’t want them getting dirty in the rain. Whatever your reasons are, it can be tough to keep your dog entertained all day indoors.

Bring the Outside In

If your dog has a favorite toy, bring it with you when you go out and leave it near the door. After a while, your dog will start to smell the toy and want to get to it.

Pull Out Some of Those Toys

The best way for dogs to have fun is by playing with their owners. The best dog toy for puppy owners and those who have older dogs are plastic toys like Kongs.

Play Hide and Seek

If you want to give your dog an entertaining game, play hide and seek, using items around the house. Be creative! Hide under the table, behind the couch, or under a blanket.

Get Them a Hobby

Dogs also get bored. If your dog is in the house all day and you’re always going out, it can be hard to keep them entertained. Try getting them a new hobby they can learn while you’re gone. They can do tons of fun things, from sports to puzzles, while you’re gone and still make it fun.

Teach Your Dog to Help With Chores

Teach your dog some tricks if you want to give your dog a sense of purpose. Teaching them simple fetching tricks can be helpful when getting something off the top shelf or retrieving an item from the trash.

Chew on This: Dogs Love to Chew

Having a toy that they can chew on is a great way to keep them busy while indoors. You can give them some rawhide or let them grab things out of your trash cans, like old paper towels and coffee filters!

Help me Out Today

If you need a little help with housework but don’t want your dog to be bored, try having them sit during the day and give them a treat after they do what you ask.

Give Me a Treat

Dogs love playing with food! Making toys out of food is also a great way to keep your dog busy while indoors. You can make simple toys, like toys out of Tuna or Kongs or even hot dogs or marshmallows filled with peanut butter and chicken bouillon.

Teach Your Dog to Clean Up His Toys

Not all dogs are built for chewing. Teaching them that it’s okay to clean up their toys can make a huge difference in keeping your house and yard clean!

Make Your Dog’s Bed Comfortable

Dogs are more likely to sleep if they feel comfortable. They prefer their bed, but sometimes you might need to put them in yours at night if they’re indoors for a few hours. Be sure to give them treats or toys when they go in their bed, so they hopefully will start spending more time in it and less time roaming around your house.


There are a lot of simple tricks that you can use to keep your dog busy while they’re indoors. Dogs love having toys and eating, and they’ll spend hours trying to get to the right spot with their favorite toy.

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