Air Fiber Core Dog Bed


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Air Fiber Core Dog Bed

Find a pet bed you’ll love at www.pets4rest.com / Our 4D Air Fiber Core Pads are used in hospital beds, operating rooms and now your dog’s bed because it’s just that supportive, sanitary and easy to clean, and to introduce this fantastic dog bed to all sleepingginger and mochithecockerdog followers we are offering you 15% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME simply enter your email and code pol15 at our website to receive your coupon.

I didn’t know this, did you?

💚 When looking for pet beds today all you see is waterproof this and waterproof that? Well, it seems to be the right thing to do, in fact, it sounds very logical until you understand it’s more about keeping that dog pads clean because the big boys admit they can’t be cleaned properly. That’s the first problem, the next one is if your pet has an accident in a bed with a waterproof cover that’s meant to stop moisture from getting on the foam pad how does that keep moisture away from your dog’s fur? Not only is that gross it would be like taking a hot shower in a raincoat, our pets deserve better. Don’t even get me started on the Orthopedic Dog Bed BS they try to feed us.

💚 Advantages: Our pet bed is not only a cooling dog bed but it’s also comfortable and supportive and the most sanitary option available today that’s why hospitals and operating rooms use air fiber pads since they are just super easy to keep clean. Your pets will also get the support they need to relieve body pain, hip dysplasia, and arthritis while providing the perfect support for their joints and pressure points without having to pay the Casper, Funny Dog puppy pads, or any dog beds for medium dogs with high-end prices.

💚 What You’ll Love: Not only is the air fiber pad super easy to clean, it evenly distributes your pet’s weight which provides maximum support and comfort. Plus the airflow through this bed is incredible keeping your pet cool and happy, unlike memory foam which gets warmer and warmer the longer your pet lays on it. Which one do you think is better for your dog’s health?

💚 Our Price: Yes at first glance $79.95 may appear to be a little higher than others but when you consider it will last at least 2 or 3 times longer, keep your pet healthier and make you happier knowing they have a clean bed to sleep in, well isn’t that priceless?

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